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Personalizing Final Arrangements Like Funeral and Cremation in Scarborough, ME

Final arrangements for your loved one related to services such as funeral and cremation in Scarborough, ME, don’t need to be like every other service you’ve ever been to. When you work with a professional provider who values respectful and unique ideas, there are many ways to personalize your experience to make it meaningful and unique. Themes can be integrated into décor, music, and stationery. Intimate, family-only viewings can be arranged.

The major goals of death care services are two-fold. The number one priority is to care for the deceased’s remains respectfully and ethically. The secondary need is to offer a means to support the closest relations in saying this tough goodbye.

So Many Wonderful Ways to Honor and Bless with Funeral and Cremation in Scarborough, ME

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Cremations: One way to care for the remains after death is through the process of cremation. This procedure is irreversible once complete. When you employ a high heat furnace chamber, the body is burned until all soft tissues are evaporated, and only some of the bone fragments remain. These pieces are collected and made into a uniform texture like small particles like sand or grains. A cremation can be followed up with a memorial service at any time after the process is complete. Combining both a funeral and cremation in Scarborough, ME, is another option.

Ash Scattering: After cremation has been completed, consider the Ash Scattering style of service if you choose to hold an honoring service. This is a memorial service of sorts and specifically will be centered around the final placement of the cremated ashes.

Funerals: This style of final service is likely the most familiar. As familiarity can bring comfort and stability, this is certainly not a bad thing! Funerals offer a massive value in providing a final goodbye and “seeing” the reality of this loss. The body could be publicly displayed for viewing, or the casket may remain closed throughout all connected services. After the funeral ceremony is complete, the group may transition to the burial site for the committal to the grave.

Celebrations of Life: Memorial services are held without the deceased remains lying in repose at the service. This makes it possible to take more time in planning to schedule the event. Celebrations of Life are specifically designed through the lens of finding ways to celebrate the life that has been lived and the legacy that is now left to carry on.

Burials: Services could simply be held at the graveside. Though these types of events are typically less formal and smaller in size, if the place of burial allows for higher numbers to attend, the guest list need not be limited. Burial is a disposition option that works for both intact and cremated remains. Above-ground placements are also increasingly available in many establishments via mausoleum or columbarium niches.

Green Burials: Another avenue to take with burial involves minimizing the final environmental footprint caused by the disposition process. This format collectively referred to as “green burial,” may use many options to offer a more natural return to the earth. Conversely, there may be just one or two kinds of adaptations that are possible. Much of this conversation is guided by the rules and regulations that are mandated by the cemetery or memorial park where burial will take place. Certified Green Burial sites offer perhaps the least invasive form of interment.

Service-Connected Receptions: Sometimes, it makes sense to have a reception as part of the services for someone who has died. These are usually connected to the honoring service somehow and not necessarily part of the service itself. For instance, after services are complete, the family and friends who have spent the day in mourning will need a meal and may appreciate a less formal place to mingle and catch up with each other. On the other hand, a more formal reception could also be better in some situations.

Why Is Pre-Need Funerary Planning Something to Consider?

When you realize how many options can be used to lay someone to rest, you may be inclined to make a few designations for your own needs when the time comes. Making these decisions pre-need is something that can support your family after you are gone. The weight of decision-making when in a state of shock adds to the strain and stress they may be feeling. Plans can be started today through online forms and submitted to the funeral home of your choosing.

Design the Perfect, Meaningful Goodbye When You Work with the Best

Finding a provider who has the experience and compassion to help you through the process of planning and carrying out the plans for services like funeral and cremation in Scarborough, ME, is one important way to support yourself. When you work with the experts at Conroy-Tully Walker Funeral Homes, you get the best professional service for your departed and your family's support and care.

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